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June ‘14
Whatever she does, Nancy Afiouni gives the impression that theres nothing on Earth shed rather be doing; shes enthusiasm personified. That rare quality is perfectly suited to her current gig as Co-host of the successful CBC show Ahla El Awkat. So we asked her to step off her pedestals for a few minutes, and tell us what makes her tick. Having worked on everything from being crowned Miss Continental 2007, model, Singer and TV presenter. Talented, self-assured and driven, she knows exactly where she's headed. We caught up with her to find out just how she makes it all work.
When I was at Miss Lebanon, I refused to wear a swimsuit because I was very shy and it is one of the reasons I didnt win the title.
Nancy Afiouni

How do you balance work and personal life?

I am a person who likes to enjoy my personal life and work at the same time. I try to spend time with my family and husband; I work out twice a week with my coach. Work needs you to concentrate more and work from your heart, and this is what I do. Since my work only requires me to work three days a week, I give it all my concentration in these three days, besides I dont take more projects when I am busy with one. I travel each time I am done with a project, it makes me feel ready to hit the floor again and sign a new contract.

Youre so positive and upbeat about everything, it seems like your positive vibe is always on. Do you ever just want to turn it off?

I need to be positively energetic all the time, I dont need any negative vibes, or to be surrounded by negative people. You should always be surrounded by positive people, you have to think positively, you have to react positively and I dont need to turn this vibe off. When I am stressed I take a nap and relax, even in the bad situations, it is important to think positively!

How do you let off steam and relax?

I used to listen to music, play video games, sometimes I scream when my stress is too hard to handle. Now, I just lay outside in the sun and watch the clouds, away from TV, computer, work stress and just relax and cherish the beauty all around me.

How do you overcome setbacks?

Setbacks happen to a lot of us. You may think its the end of the world, but it is not. I try not to be emotional about what has happened. The best is to think about what has happened and to start to think how I am going to adapt to this situation, I deal with it better when I take a moment to think and reflect. I try to stay positive and confident and learn from each experience, and I keep reminding myself that failure is not my final step.

What personality trait do you value most in yourself?

Honestly, the way I see beauty in everything.

What personality trait do you wish you could change?

Naturally I am very inpatient, if I want something I will drive everyone (myself, my husband, my family) crazy to get it.

Who is the person you need most in your life and why?

I need my mum and my husband; they mean love, care, safety and everything to me. I feel I am the strongest girl, a super-hero woman because of them, I feel like I own the world because of their love.

Before Ahla El Awkat, you were a model. Did you bring any skills from that over to television hosting?

Before Ahla Alawat I was hosting 2 shows in Istanbul; with TRT, Turkish TV. I was the first Lebanese presenter to host a show in Turkey in Arabic. I built myself through the experiences I lived; I live them all with every new experience.

Tell us about funny/crazy/bad tales from behind the scenes with MohamedNour?

Hosting with Mohamed Nour was one of the funniest experiences in my life, we enjoyed shooting every episode and sometimes we used to laugh non-stop.

Any new records in the works?

Im working on a new Egyptian song :) and a TV show for after Ramadan.

If I asked you to rank the parts of your life that you feel most satisfied with love, family, music, TV hosting--What would be at the top?

Love, family, TV hosting, music.

How did fame change your life, positively or negatively? And how does your husband deal with your fans and admirers?

Positive and Positive. Its nice when people you dont know love you! Their love makes me feel happy. My husband likes me the way I am, we are a strong couple who appreciate one another and he loves them too.

Youre often pictured in fashion magazines. Is it a pressure when people scrutinize what youre wearing?

I try to find the best outfit for every occasion, I dont want to look boring or similar, I like fashion and I like to be stylish. People who like me will like it, people who dont like me will never like me and I dont care.

What outfits did you have to be brave to wear?


Whats the worst thing that youve worn?


Whats your dream for TV?

My dream is to host and produce a TV show based on the reunification of families. It is great to see families together again and happy. It is a kind of a social and humanist program.

What's the most difficult decision you've made in the last two years and how did you come to that decision?

When I decided to leave the States and come and live again in Lebanon. It was a very difficult decision, I was living in Los Anglos working on my first album, and studying acting at Margey Haber for acting. I was building my career in the States and I was doing very well, but I met my husband and decided to go back to Lebanon and get married. It was my happiest decision and the most difficult at the same time, because I have been dreaming for so long to succeed in the States.

Theres so much that youre doing whats your long-term plan? Or are you just going with the ride?

Oh I have a lot of plans. Sometimes I feel like I need more hours per day. One of my plans is to be a jewelry designer, to have a clothing brand and a charity organization under my name.

What Do You Think OF?

Sex on a first date:

Sex could be on the first month, not the first date.

Plastic Surgeries:

I am with plastic surgery if needed.


Marriage and love are the best combination.

By Roulla Soussou