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April ‘14
Myriam Klink a model, activist and singer, who found success working her way through the entertainment industry in Lebanon. The ex Top Model wowed the Arabs Got Talent judges with her otherworldly rendition for admitting a participant whose talent was eating live snakes last December! The beautiful, funny and down right cool Klink discussed with us about her being so much more than a model turned singer and opened up about her current and upcoming projects in her music career. Take a look at what all goes on in the life of MK!
When I am on stage I think and feel like a diva
Myriam Klink

So, you really are a triple or quadruple threat? (you are a singer, model, activist..)

Yes, I am a supermodel and Im a professional in this field. A singer nearly and an activist for sure as Im with freedom of speech.

What other talents do you have?

I am a professional skier and I write poetry.

At what point did you realize that you wanted to be a singer not a model?

I always had a dream to be on stage and to perform alone. Singing was a childhood dream and it came true a year and a half ago.

Did you have any musical background?

I had nearly zero background in music, I did sing in a program for fun but Im glad I ended up doing music in a more professional way.

What inspired you to write Klink Revolution?

The bad situation in Lebanon made me write Klink Revolution with DJ Osane!

You defend the animal rights, but at the same time you are a fashionista, would you wear fur?

Of course I am a fashionista but I would never wear real fur or real leather no matter what. I am a vegetarian too so I dont harm animals.

We have heard that you wanted to participate in the parliament elections. What happened to this plan?

I did want to participate in the parliaments next elections because I have a voice to raise. And I want to work for animals, women rights and ecology too. But as you know the elections did not take place so maybe this year I will participate in case they agree on a new election law.

Many artists are afraid to speak out about their political views so that fans dont hate them. However, you have a strong point of view regarding many issues like the Syrian camps refugees, Hizbollahsetc. Werent you afraid that you will loose a big part of your fans?

Not only artists; lots of people are afraid to say things out loud. Only weak artists are afraid because the greatest artists say out loud what they believe in because real fans love you no matter what, like fayrouz. So i will always say what I think!

Your name is linked to many controversial news, like your fight with fellow model Joelle Hatem. Why do you think so?

No comment.

What do you think about when youre preforming on stage?

When I am on stage I think and feel like a diva and people usually make me feel this way.

You have seen how the Lebanese Athlete Jackie Chamoun faced a storm for doing a nude photoshoot. Are still interested in doing one as a statement of solidarity with the refugees of the Syrian camps?

The statement of the solidarity with the syrian refugees has nothing to do with my photoshoot. I wanted to go and meet them nothing else! As for the photoshoot it was to challenge nature only and NOT for the refugees.

What else can we expect from you in the future?

In the near future I will be an actress. I have a movie to shoot soon. And I want to conquer the world, hopefully :)

By Roulla Soussou