Insight Magazine
March ‘16
We've long been fans of Abu Hamze's unique talents. Through her keen observations of the human condition, the strength of her conviction, and her effectiveness as a communicator, Mona has positively impacted the lives of millions by leading a master class on women leadership.
I would refer to myself as a humanitarian. I believe in the right of each of us to live in dignity.

How did you and your husband meet?

He saw me at a wedding when I was only 15 and proposed five years later, the traditional way.

You are a wife, mother of three and a successful career woman. How do you balance all three and what advice would you give to women who think they can’t have it all?

You have to work on your inner balance cause it inflicts on every aspect of your life helping you achieve each role successfully and with love.

What was the inspiration behind your poetry book Bila Haka’eb ‘Without Bags’?

It was, at the time, the summery of a life experience and struggle.

Who is the most inspiring guest you have had on ‘Talk of The Town’?

I have interviewed more than two thousand celebrities and guests, working in different fields and belonging to different countries around the world. Each was inspiring in his or her way.

What advice can you give aspiring women who want career success?

Go for it! 

How has fame affected your life, and was fame always a career goal you had for yourself?

Unfortunately it raised envy, and sometimes, unexpectedly, from very powerful people.

By Rania Ihab