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October ‘14
When you meet her, you feel that youve known her forever. Away from the world of fame she lives by the sea. We tried to burst her small bubble and get a closer look at the world according to Mirna El Mohandes.
There is a strange theory that if the actor/ress succeeded in series, they wont succeed in movies, funny enough now all movie stars are doing TV series.
Mirna El Mohandis

WWhat about your role in Zig Zag?

My role in Zig Zag is totally different, something I have never done before. I am playing a poor girl who lives in a poor alley and works in a nightclub and is having a strange love story with her neighbor.

What do you do when you are not working?

If I am not working I am at the sea, swimming, fishing and snorkeling.

Being away for so long opens the door for a lot of rumors, how do you deal with them?

I faced these rumors in the beginning of my career; I became pickier and I am trying to keep my personal life away from the spots.

Youve been acting since you were a little girl, when did you discover your passion for acting?

It was a total coincidence. I remember when I was a little girl I had this fantasy to be inside the TV. I always wondered how people were living inside this small box and how do they get in it in the first place. I used to get very excited while watching anything on TV, even ballet shows, but I never planned to act. What happened is that a director witnessed me when I was skating in the club and he chose me to participate in some kids programs and TV commercials. At that time acting for me was just a hobby that I practiced during my summer vacations only, but then I started to like acting more and became more professional. The one person who encouraged me to act and believed that I will be a good actress is Mr. Hussein Helmy El Mohandes, he encouraged me to read and play sports and now I understand that I am better because of his advices to me.

By the way El Mohandes is not my family name. A lot of confusion used to happen because there was Mirna Walid and I and we were the only two Mirnas in the business, so we decided to use surnames. My family wasnt so excited about me acting and being in the business, so I didnt use my family name. At that time, I was doing a series with Mr. Hussien El Mohandes and he held a sign on my rooms door saying Mirna El Mohandes I was only 9 years back then.

Do you remember the first time you stood before the camera?

Yes I was so afraid that day, I cried a lot and decided that I wont act again. I forgot acting and completed my studies in the academy and joined the Conservatoire, at that time I was nominated for two roles in Arabisque and Saken Osady. Mr. Youssef Ouf nominated me for Saken Osady, maybe if I met him earlier my screen name would be Mirna Ouf. He believed in me as a talented actress and told me that I am going to succeed in light comedies.

In Saken Osady, you worked with major superstars like Sanaa Gamil, Mohamed Reda, Khayria Ahmed and Omar Alhariry, what did you learn from them?

Throughout the 4/5 years we spent shooting Saken Osady I learned commitment and love, the location was so calm and friendly. It was my first major role and they were so patient with me. They advised me a lot and I felt that I was truly surrounded by my real family. If I succeeded in Saken Osady it is because I was part of a very committed teamwork.

Most people dont know youre a ballerina too, why did you stop?

I love dancing a lot, I am so passionate about it, but I was already working as an actress, and my mother didnt want me to return home late, unfortunately our society doesnt understand the profession of the Ballerina.

Since the first day you started acting, youve been labeled as one of the prominent talents, yet your choices are so limited, why?

The problem in our business is you cant always remain on top. Most actors, even superstars, get to live a moment of depression, its either you face this depression or surrender to it. After the two revolutions, things became worse and I became pickier. The one thing that makes me eager to work now is finding a good character that I will enjoy playing.

Some people have this strange theory that if the actor/ress succeeded in series, they wont succeed in movies, funny enough now all movie stars are doing TV series.

Is there any particular role that you regret doing?

No, but sometimes producers cause problems. For instance, I did a series called Mahmoud Darweesh with Firas Ibrahim 5 years ago, we worked really hard on that series and till this moment I didnt get paid yet. I worked on 2 series with Sout Alkahera, although I had a lot of work at that time, and tried to organize my schedule but I regretted doing so because again I didnt get my money from Sout Alkahera.

Did you watch any series last Ramadan and wished to be among its cast?

Yes Dahasha, such an amazing series. Saraya Abdeen as well, it is a huge plus for any actor/ress to be among a cast of superstars and a huge director like Amr Arafa in such a huge historical production.

What are the factors that attracted you to Giran Alsaad?

I just loved it. I was so excited to work with Mr. Ahmed Alsobky. In our first meeting he insisted that I do the role. Doing a movie at that sensitive time was a crucial thing. Soly, Haneen, Ahmed, Menna and Mazen, they are all unbelievably talented. Sameh is so sweet and funny on set; the whole set was so lovely.

Did you except its huge success despite the poor conditions of cinema at that time?

Its release date was really strange, yet people needed a good comedy they can watch with their children.

By Rania Ihab