Insight Magazine
January ‘16
Lebanese siren Melissa is everybody's favorite girl! With her charming looks and fabulous talent, she succeeds to turn heads with every new work she does and that's why it's hard not to consider her as one of the prominent Lebanese singers! In this interview, Melissa gives Insight a piece of heart and tackles some of controversial topics that always surround her name...
Talent programs entertain audience more than help the participating talents

On her latest hit single Masrya 100% (100% Egyptian)

This is not the first time I sing an Egyptian song. Most of my songs are in Egyptian; I love the Egyptian dialect a lot for I feel it close to my heart. I loved the lyrics and tunes of 100% Egyptian, it totally captured my heart. This is the first clip I shoot in Egypt and I totally enjoyed it despite all the difficulties we faced while shooting in such a vital place like Tahrir Square.

On the amount of criticism she faced for singing in Egyptian dialect

I am against discrimination in music. Every singer must sing all genres in all dialects without being bonded with a specific type. Art is for all to please all.

On her duet with Akon

I aimed to deliver a new genre to my fans in the Middle East by mixing between oriental and western music. International stardom is not an easy approach; I believe, as Arab singers, we need the support of international record companies in order to reach international audiences, yet let me clarify that I dont care about international stardom as much as I care to do important projects that will please my fans. In my opinion no Arab singer was able to reach international stardom. International means having fans from all around the world, not having an international star as a friend or getting the World Music Award and a huge example on that is Michael Jackson. I was also preparing for a duet with Ricky Martin, but it was canceled. I hope we get to do this project one day!

On her take on talent programs

I believe talent programs tend to entertain audience more than help participating talents. Unfortunatly its the stars look that take the boom more than the contestants talent, and at the end of the day no one hears about those talents after these programs end. Thats business. I watch Arab Idol, I also like the western version of X Factor, its more credible and they dont offend the contestants like what happens in the Arabic versions. I believe Mohamed Assaf was the most talented of all winners.

On her Alter Ego

I cant say that I have an opposite self. My heart doesnt carry any kind of hatred for anybody. I like to live life positively. Even in my personal and professional lives, I am the same person. I dont consider myself a Diva.

On her 2015 recap

I was very afraid from all the incidents happening in the Middle East.On the political level, nothing was staple and that made me a little bit anxious to do a new project. A New Year marks a new beginning and I plan to have a fresh start and burry all my dark memories.

On acting

Its a big decision. I received a lot of offers to act, especially in Egypt but till this moment, I didnt find a good script to encourage me to take this step. I wish to do a comic or drama role, these kinds will help highlight my acting talent.Yet I would never leave my musical career to act, a lot of Lebanese singers turned into fantastic actors and now they sing and act brilliantly like Cyrine Abdelnour.

On her opinion regarding singles

If the artist succeeded to concentrate on one song, he can present it better than a full album because unfortunately there are no production companies like before. Even I produce my own songs and I just aim to collect what I spent in production not wait to make more money before I work on new projects.

By Rami Amin