Insight Magazine
April ‘16
The Pure Elite UK binki model, Maya Nassar, is the first ever Lebanese athlete to compete and win in a biniki modelling compition outside of Lebanon..and the best part is, she wasn’t always fit as a fiddle and she’s here to tell you all about her journey to the hale and hearty lifestyle endowed with fitness accolades that she lives now!
Fitness can change a woman’s life for the better by making her healthier, fitter and more confident.

Please share with our readers how you transformed from being overweight to being the first Lebanese to compete and win in international bodybuilding events?

A few years ago, I had a very unhealthy lifestyle. I used to eat lots of junk food and never did any exercise. After hitting a very low point and gaining a significant amount of weight, I decided it was time to change for the better. I started eating healthy food and going to the gym up to six times a week. After hitting my goal weight and becoming healthy, I decided it was time for a new challenge. I believe success is achieved and maintained by those who never stop setting new goals. This is when I wanted to achieve the ultimate and decided to start competing. I have experienced being unhealthy and insecure and wanted to get into the best shape of my life and compete with fitness models on stage.

What is Start Living Right and what was the motivation behind it? is an online website I created to help change peoples’ lives for free. I share my experiences with others and show them how to live a healthier lifestyle. My website includes meal plans, exercise programs and tons of advice covering motivation, nutrition and exercise. After the success of my website, I decided to create a mobile application of my site. The application is the first fitness app in Lebanon and has been endorsed by the minister of sports. It has also been ranked number one many times by the Apple store. My app includes everything on my website including a multitude of other tools such as animated exercise illustrations and an online community where users can interact with one another. My app can be downloaded free by searching for “startlivingright” in any smartphone store.

We know you’re an animal rights activist and so are we! Do you have any future plans to raise awareness on the matter?

I am currently a board member of the largest animal welfare NGO in the region called Animals Lebanon. We rescue and care for all kinds of animals and have closed down terrible zoos and circuses. We are currently campaigning to change the law in Lebanon and make it illegal to abuse animals. Our draft decree is currently with the Lebanese parliament. If others wish to learn more about what we do or make a donation, they can visit

How can fitness change a woman’s life?

Fitness can change a woman’s life for the better by making her healthier, fitter and more confident. Achieving a fitness goal also makes a woman feel proud and satisfied. It can teach her how to be dedicated and have discipline, giving her the confidence to reach any goal she sets in her life. Being healthy will also make her more productive and help to improve her relationships with other people. Finally, fitness is a great way to reduce stress and feel much happier overall.

By By Rania Ihab