Insight Magazine
February ‘16
When we started preparing for our Made in Egypt special issue, we were definitely opting for a legendary icon to grace our cover. And who better to represent all that is beautiful and dashing about Egypt than The Icon LailaEloui. The Legendary Star is an enchanting blend of different shades of innocence, youth, seduction, charisma and undeniable talent.The Diva has been blessed with a lot this past year:Asuccessful experience with talent programs, a new movie in the making, a new award added to her successf
Humanity! Its the main factor I search for in every new character.
Laila Eloui

What are you preparing for next Ramadan?

I am still reading a couple of scripts to choose from. I am willing to be present in 2016s TV-marathon with a new project that will impress the audience.

What did you gain from your experience in Arabs Host?

It was such a useful experience that I totally enjoyed and it succeeded in pumping a lot of new talents that will help refresh the media field. In my opinion such programs are very beneficial because they shed the light on the outstanding talents and gives audience the opportunity to select their favorite talents. I was delighted that the program was the first of its kind worldwide and its first season was able to present five talented hosts to the Arabic channels. I hope the coming seasons contribute in providing more and more talents.

Tell us about your latest movie And A Pretty Face and your role in it.

-The movie generally tackles the life in countryside and the community of chefs. Its a new and different experience that I did nothing like before. This movie witnesses my first collaboration with the distinguished director YousryNasrallah whom I consider a master with special direction. In this movie, I play Shadia who used to live in Dubai and decided to return to her hometown to be among her family.

How does having a Greek mother raising you up challenging among the Egyptian society and how did you balance having mixed origins?

-It wasnt a huge problem. I was born in Egypt to an Egyptian father and a Greek mother and this blend was very unique inside our house. I faced some difficulty to read and write Arabic because I was attended French schools, but my work in Art compelled me to learn a lot and deal with different categories.

How do you juggle your playful and young soul with your responsibilities as a mother?

Of course its difficult, but I try to balance, especially after my son Khaled turned a certain age, I had to change the way I treat him because I want him to grow up depending on himself. Yet this doesnt prevent the young girl inside me to appear in certain situations.

If youd live the life of one of the characters you played, which one would you choose and why?

I never thought about that before, but at the end I will choose my life. Every character I played was driven by certain factors towards specific actions and situations, but I am the one responsible for my personal life.

Is there anything in common between all the characters you played despite their versatility?

Humanity! Its the main factor I search for in every new character. I like true personas that are driven by their humanitarian side and thats what I love about all my characters the presence of their humanitarian motive.

How do you recap last year?

Last year has been very special for me on so many levels. I tried to change my strips by varying my work choices and thank God all these experiences have been very fruitful and beneficial for me. Starting with Mozeaa Al-Arab (Arabs Host), although Ive been very afraid to do this project, but I took the risk and now I am very grateful for the whole experience and I am so excited to do more seasons of the show. I got the chance to finally work with the amazing director YousryNasrallah in Wa Al-Wajh Al-Hassan (And A Pretty Face). Ive been assigned as a UNESCO delegate for the initiative Unite 4 Heritage. It is such an honour for I got the chance to participate in a lot of awareness-raising campaigns for the initiative. The thing I highly cherish was being awarded by The National Festivalas I was honoured with my mentor Dr.YehyaElfakahany.

If you could change anything about it, what would you change and why?

Nothing at all. I totally believe that everything happens for a reason. We may seesome incidents as bad but God destined everything to happen because its the best for us. I am a firm believer in that and all I can say is Alhamdoullelah.

Congratulations, you were recently chosen as an ambassador for the UNESCO what do you plan to achieve through your collaboration with such a reputable organization?

From the beginning and before I was chosen by the UNESCO, I was always trying to have a positive role in community work by visiting refugee camps in Lebanon and Juba. I was so excited for being assigned as a UNESCO delegate for the initiative Unite 4 Heritage for I see what is happening now from mass destruction to our heritage is deliberate act to delete our Egyptian history and heritage. I am so excited to work with UNESCO to raise awareness for theyounger generations who are the future protectors of our heritage.

By Rania Ihab and Myrna Zaki