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January ‘15
Since she first appeared on the silver screen, she stole our hearts with her angelic face and genuine smile. Following her huge success in Cairos Residence and Excuse Me!, Kinda Alloush succeeded to prove herself not just as a Syrian beauty but as a true talent that deserves to be highly respected!
I like playing colorful, rich characters that are close to human nature with its conflicting characteristics and features.
Kinda Alloush

What attracts you to the role you play?

The most important thing about any new project is the script, it is very important for me to see how well the role is written. Also it must be different than my previous roles. I like playing colorful, rich characters that are close to human nature with its conflicting characteristics and features. I hate playing nave and superficial roles; they dont attract me at all! The only thing that may drive me away from a role I like is the fear of repeating myself, as I am always eager to present a variety of different roles I didnt play before.

How do you prepare for a new role, especially if its different from your characters nature?

By studying! It is really important to understand the deep features of the character, and her relationship with other characters. What are her aims and motives in the storyline; in order to believe her and mimic her feelings and aspirations. Even if the character has a bad or dark side, I must feel that I am attracted to her in order to portray her in a good way.

Why did you stop your production company?

I established this company in Syria, now that I reside full time in Egypt it became more difficult for me to handle its work along with the projects I am committed to as an actress.

What was your hardest scene in Ad Tanazoly (Countdown)?

The scene of the sons death was really hard, as it was repeated throughout the series from several viewpoints of differnt characters. For me, I wanted people to believe me as I am portraying the most heartbreaking moment any person can live. It was such a tiring scene for me; it made me really sick for several days after shooting. The other scene is when her husband decided to commit suicide, dramatically it was really heavy and technically it was really difficult and took more than 18 hours of shooting.

Last Ramadan you portrayed two successful characters in Countdown and Dalaa Banat (Spoilt Girls), yet the entire season was really rich with successful series, was there a different role that sizzled your eyes and you secretly wished to portray?

I was offered lots of projects last Ramadan, but I had a wish to portray two completely different characters and thats what attracted me to Countdown and Spoilt Girls. Ghada in Countdown may seem similar to other characters I portrayed before, but my challenge was to present her from a different angle. I enjoyed playing Ghadas character very much; I felt each and every scene deeply, yet I was still able to achieve my aim by portraying Heidi in Spoilt Girls. It was really hard to play both characters perfectly and be shooting at the same time, but I am really happy that I was able to balance between both of them. As you said, last year was filled with a lot of successful series like Segn Elnessa (Womens Prison) and Sabaa Wasya (The Seven Comandments) that have some brilliantly written female roles that are tempting for any actress to play.

Which role did you enjoy the most, Ghada or Heidi?

Maybe Countdowns nature as a drama is closer to my heart as I did a lot of dramas before, but I was really thriving to do a comedy and I enjoyed every single moment in Spoilt Girls.

People compared Spoilt Girls to Bakiza we Zaghloul (Bakiza and Zaghloul), you even said so yourself in a previous interview, doesnt that comparison make you afraid?

I was terrified! Bakiza and Zaghloul is nothing but an epic comedy written by the mogul Esaad Younes and staring two huge comedians! But the story of Spoilt Girls was different, the acting and directing techniques were different as well.

What about your role inLamoaakhza (Excuse me!) ? Is it true that you accepted the role before reading the script?

More than one factor attracted me to that movie. First, my belief that we need to present good movies especially in this crucial time. Second, I have a lot of trust in Amr Salama, Mohamed Hefzy and the entire crew behind the movie, that they will present nothing but an excellent project. I dont care about the size of my role as long as I know that my character is imperative to the storyline.

What are your coming projects?

Next Ramdan I have a series called El Ahd (The Era) with the same crew of Niran Sadeeka (Friendly Fire) and fellow stars like Asser Yassin, Ghada Adel and Hana Shiha. The series has a fantasy nature and is imaginary in time and place. Its a new genre and a new challenge for me. I totally trust Mohamed Amin Rady, Khaled Mary and Tarek Alganainy, we succeeded together in Friendly Fire and I am really happy that I am working with them again!

Friendly Fire introduced a new genre to the Egyptian drama, what encouraged you to take this risk?

Friendly Fire is a very tempting project for any actor that is hard to refuse! It opened the door for a different genre that presents a new story with a different angle; even the incidents were presented differently to the audience! Unlike other series, the series has a different nature; the incidents are not chronological, they are interweaved in a difficult way that needs a lot of concentration and attention from the viewers to follow! Thank God we had an amazing feedback!

How do you evaluate your journey in Egypt?

I feel that I still have a lot to offer! But I am really happy that I am viewed like a talented actress, not as a Syrian actress acting in Egypt, even in the nature of the roles I am offered.

What can you tell us about Betawkeet Alkahera (Cairo Time)?

Amir Ramsis is a vey talented director, when he offered me the role and I read the script I was excited to be part of this new experience. Although I am just a guest star, but Rasha, my character, is different from previous roles I played and I was really excited to portray her.

Weve also heard that you are preparing for a new series with Ahmed Elsakka.

All that has been written about this project is far from being true. I would have been honored to work with such a huge crew, Mr. Sadek Alsabah (the producer), Ahmed Shafic (the director) and a super star like Ahmed Elsakka. Naturally, I dont talk about any project before I sign it! I was offered a role in this series but we couldnt arrange the schedules, and it became difficult for me to shoot because I have already signed different projects. What was written on my behalf was very rude and inappropriate and its not like me at all to say these things!

Whats your greatest reward as an actress?

I have been awarded for several roles I played, but my greatest award is peoples love! I meet a lot of people who tell me we called our daughter Kinda because we love you, or because we feel you are close to our hearts! Such words are greater than any kind of award!

By Rania Ihab