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November ‘15
Jenny Esber is on top her career The hot mama grew into the fashion world and took a leap into her acting career. With her charismatic looks, and photogenic appearance she is promised international stardom with total ease. Insight met the hot mama who opened up about life, acting, modeling and motherhood
Not all who you meet in life love you and want the best for you like your parents do.
Jenny Esber

When was the first time you thought youd be an actress?

I discovered my passion for beauty and fashion when I was almost 6 years old. I used to steal my mothers shoes and accessories and try them on in front of the mirror and start act characters. When I grew older, I fell in love with Marliyn Monroe and only then I discovered my dream to become an actress. I held onto this dream till one day I attended a fashion show and met Mr Yasser ElAzama, I told him about my dream and he offered me my role in Hekayat El-Maraya (Mirrors Tales).

Which do you prefer acting or modeling and why?

I consider modeling as my hobby and acting as my job. I started my career as a model; due to my passion for fashion and fashion shows. I still love participating in fashion shows, especially if they are for a good cause. I lately modeled a dress for the designer Manal Ajaj in a humanitarian fashion show, where all the money was to be donated for children with cancer.

How do you spend your time if youre not working?

My time is divided between shooting, traveling and my daughter. I try to steal some me time to do some sports, relax and just clear my mind. I try to dedicate most of my free time to my daughter Sandy.

What did motherhood change in your personality?

Nothing can describe how I feel after becoming a mother. My daughter is my entire life. Now I feel that I have a hue responsibility towards her, I want her to grow up loved and admired by everybody for her good personality.

What do you consider your biggest work achievement so far?

On a personal level, my biggest achievement is being a mother to a lovely daughter, who I consider my life. My biggest achievement in work is creating my name. I worked hard to make this name that simplifies all my work.

If you were given the chance to go back in time what would you change about your life?

I would change the way I over trusted a lot of people. Life taught me to trust people less, because not all who you meet in life love you and want the best for you like your parents do.

Do you enjoy your celebrity star status?

I totally enjoy it, but theres a lot that I still aim to achieve in my career.

Up-close and Personal:

-Five-minute morning routine: I drink a glass of water, then wash my face with warm water and message it with rose-water ice cubes.

-Never leave the house without: My phone

-Exercise regime: My regime is a mix of yoga, aerobics, swimming, dance and light weight lifting.

-Skincare secret: I never sleep with my make-up on; I also use a lot of moisturizing creams and take essential vitamins.

-Fragrance of choice: For Summer, Pleasure by Estee Lauder and for winter, Love Chloe.

-Best advice from mom: To always act as my humble true self, no matter how famous I became.

-Beauty icons

By Rania Ihab