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January ‘14
Jenny Esber, the Syrian star celebrating Christmas and New Years with her fans, find out what her wishes for 2014 are
I hope 2014 will bring peace to the arab world & to Syria in specific
Jenny Esber

How did you get into this industry?

It was a pure coincidence. Since I was a little girl I used to watch movies and follow the actresses news not like normal kids watching cartoons. My parents are all into the engineering field so when I used to tell my mother I want to be an actress she used to laugh at me. Even my studies in PE and nutrition was far away from this field, but at a point I decided to achieve my dream and started with the fashion industry and beauty pageant which were the first step to the drama gates, I was seen by the director Yasser Abdoon and had my first role in the series Maraya in 2002.

What motivated you to get you into your field?

My passion for acting was my main motivation. The real actor never get bored from his career, acting is like drug to me. Each time I start shooting a new soap I feel like starting from the very beginning, the same exciting, the same rush. There are lots of turning points in my life that also motivated me like at the beginning of my career at 2002 I was proud of the series maraya then in 2006 the series Sabaya which was my real breaking point because it introduced me to the Arabic audience. Hard work and good outcome are my greatest motivation.

How/where do you see yourself/ your work in next 5 years from now?

The situation is very complicated these days thus making it very hard to have a vision for whats going to happen next. I hope the circumstances get better in Syria and life goes back to normal and all Syrians from all occupations focus more on work and start building our country again.

What is your latest work?

Just finished a series called Khawattem in which I am presenting a new character and I think it will have a very good impact with the audiences.

What is the thing that you are most proud of?

My career, its my pride and joy and its the most thing that inspires me. At the beginning of my career I had to do some personal sacrifices and had given too much but now Im in the phase of collecting the fruit of my hard work.

The greatest compliment you ever got?

All of us like to be complimented and we all love to hear beautiful words from people but what I would like the most is to hear a genuine comment from the people who truly loves me, any true compliment that comes from the people I love and from my audiences who love me can brighten my day.

If you would trade lives with another woman for a day, who will she be?

Marlin Monroe.

What do you like most about men?

Loyalty, kindness and show me that he loves me.

What would you like to get as a Christmas gift?

I dont really care what the gift is; it doesnt have to be expensive. Just the thought that matters, so I would love anything from the ones I love.

What's your favorite festive song or carol?

All the known Christmas songs

What's your favorite Christmas memory?

When we used to gather around the Christmas tree with my family and each one of us is waiting for Santa to give him his presents and gather around the dinning table.

What would your perfect Christmas look like?

My perfect Christmas is to celebrate it with family and close friends.

What is 2014 going to look like for you?

Nothing for me for now, my hopes will be to Syria and the Arab World; I hope things will get better. I hope 2014 will bring peace to the Arab World and to Syria in specific.

Any New Years resolutions?

To be stronger and wiser and to be able to see through people and dont give trust that easily.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Hussain el Jasmy

Are you a night owl or a morning person?

A morning person

If you were in a stranded island, what three items would you take with you?

Mobile, mirror and my make up kit that has my lotions and creams

By Roulla Soussou