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December ‘14
Hend Sabry is a story on her own. She is a mother, lawyer, goodwill ambassador and one of the most talented actresses of our time. Among her fellow stars, she has dug her own path and continued to amuse us with all her unique and daring choices. Following the success of Algazeera 2, she thinks shes not there yet and there is still more to achieve!
Everyday I learn a new thing and I am always learning from every director and actor I work with!
Hend Sabry

First of all congratulations on Aljazeera 2, how did it feel like to reprise your role as Karima?

I am more than happy; Karima is one of the closest characters to my heart. The entire crew is amazing; we spent amazing times on set and the whole experience was perfect and thats why I love Karima so much.

Karimas character witnessed a lot of changes from Aljazeera 1, how did you fill the gap between the two movies?

The evolution and developments that happened to the character are natural. First I was surprised by what happened to the character in the second part, but after reading the incidents and motives that occurred between the 2 parts, I found that the character must witness such evolutions. So with the help of the screenwriters and director we drew the outlines for the character and I studied every single detail about it, especially the sensations associated with the character in every scene in the film.

Do you think there is still one more chapter to be told, or two parts are just enough?

I dont know yet, of course we are all open for one more part of the movie if we are given the opportunity. All characters in this movie can evolve and there are a lot of details that can allow the screenwriters to create a new story for a new film.

Which of your other roles, do you wish to reprise again and why?

A lot! I am thrilled with all the roles I did, even those that didnt succeed or didnt turn out like I expected. Reprising a certain character requires a new story and new outlines and history that can be presented in a new story.

What changed in your choices from your first role in Samt Alkosoor till today?

A lot! It has been a long journey and when I look back, I find that Ive presented a variety of different roles and worked with a lot of stars. Everyday I learn a new thing and I am always learning from every director and actor I work with. Now I try to choose the kind of roles that can add to me, the kind of roles that will push me forward and present me to the audience in a different way. I dream to access new unprecedented levels in acting.

Do you have any role that you regret playing for one reason or the other?

On the contrary! Even if I didnt enjoy playing a role and even if the movie didnt succeed commercially, the whole experience taught me something new and I never regret doing anything that I learned from.

Unlike a lot fellow stars, motherhood didnt steal you from acting, how did you reach this balance?

I try to work upon a schedule to balance between work and taking care of my daughters; I also try to dedicate all my free time to them.

Whats your take on all the criticism you faced because of your latest posts on social media?

I am used to these things! I dont give criticism any attention as long as I didnt offend anyone and vise versa.

In your opinion, whats the reason of the unjustified attacks the celebrities face?

Artists and public figures must accept paying the tax of fame, including unproved attack or anything else, but they should not give any chance to take something and respond to this unjustified criticism quietly and calmly.

What are your coming projects?

I am preparing for a new project with the Tunisian director Reda Albahy and well start shooting in Tunisia soon.

After all these years of success and huge achievements, what else do you aim to reach?

I believe that I didnt do anything yet and there is still more that I aim to achieve. I aim to present more roles that can crave my name in Egypt and the Arab world.

Do you thing that Embratoriet Meen Alighned the success it deserves?

I received a lot of amazing feedback once the series was aired. We really worked hard on this project which discusses the problems we are experiencing daily in the Egyptian streets. I think when Embratoriet Meen aired for the second time it achieved more viewership than Ramadan.

By Rania Ihab