Insight Magazine
October ‘15
Let us admit it people; we specially love superstars who are pretty and sexy! A magical voice, an exceptional acting talent, amazing performance and remarkable fashion taste would only miss a beautiful soul and pretty face. Though our beloved superstar Dolly Shahine simply has it all! She reminds us of the good old days of Shadia, Souad Hosny, and Sherihan. This month we had a lovely chat with Dolly zooming in at her ladylike character and sensational views on life.
A woman must be a mother, a saint and a warrior at the same time.
Dolly Shahine

Which part of your character is Brazilian, and which is Lebanese?

Actually, I think that my body is Brazilian in addition to my great passion for Latino music and dance. My voice is Lebanese, or as we say it Jebali Lebnani (Mountain Style Voice) as well as my mentality and my fashion sense.

Which sentence from a song of yours is the closest to your heart?

Ana Gher Kol El Banat Eli Enta Ereftohom (I am different from all girls youve known) is probably the closest to my heart.

What makes you Gher Kol El Banat (Different from all girls) and what makes you Zay Ay Bent (Like any girl)?

I believe I am different from all girls in the eyes of my lover and like any girl when it comes to romance and love.

What defines a real woman?

It is a package. A woman must be educated, strong, beautiful, sexy, a mother, a saint and a warrior at the same time.

Every woman loves to be unique; how do you think your uniqueness is spotted?

My uniqueness is spotted in doing the right thing in my own way! I don't care about elitism; I am my one of my audience.

How does knowing what you want make you sexy?

Besides that hot dress you threw on or the three hours you spent on your hair and makeup, self-confidence and a strong personality make you a sexy woman! Without them you are a shallow plastic doll that no one wants to see the second day!

Which - do you think- is the most romantic and seductive language to sing in?

French is the most romantic and Spanish the most seductive.

In 30-40 years from now, what do you want people to remember about you?

I want them to sing my songs, watch my movies and say: We wish we were living in that era! :)

Being mysterious and seductive has always been displayed in old Arabic movies; who are your favorite feminine stars from the golden age?

Hind Rostom, Hoda Sultan and Madiha Kamel are my favorites.

Would you have loved to play the role of one of those stars? If so, who?

I would love to play Hind Rostoms role in Shafika Al Kebtiya.

To what extent should a woman use her seduction tricks in a relationship?

To get a man, you first have to attract him. Just like bees are attracted to flowers, beauty is what attracts men to women. Of course, the perception of beauty differs from one person to another, depending on culture and upbringing. Though, seduction lies in the eyes of the beholder. This means, seduction is the first way to get a man and a secret medium to keep him!

Which movie genre is your favorite to be part of?

I prefer action and seductive movies but I would also like to perform in light comedy features.

What other roles would you love to play in a movie or a video clip that you havent played yet?

One of my dream roles is to play a vampire!

If you were asked to play a role in Burlesque, how do you see yourself in it?

I love Christina Aguilera; she has a great voice, an amazing body, and marvelous performance skills, in addition to being one of the greatest showbiz icons ever! So what I'll do is simply use Christina's team ;)

By Rania Ihab