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July ‘14
Syrian-born Dima Kandalaft has amazed Middle Eastern viewers with her one of a kind talent at MBCs newest hit show Your Face Sounds Familiar for her dazzling impersonations for Najwa Karam, Dalida, Shakira, Soad Hosny, Marilyn Monroe and Patricia Kass.
Dalida to play in a movie, drama the most difficult to imitate was is my favorite Najwa or Dima Karam
Dima Kandalaft


How can you describe your experience with Your Face Sounds Familiar?

Different, rich and enjoyable.

How much convincing did it take for you to do this show?

A lot actually! Performing in a live TV show was a new experience for me. Impersonating famous characters and competing with others on stage was very challenging. In drama or theatre I act different characters, but I have my own sense and vision for the character, I paint it my way. This was different. It took lots of efforts to get myself into this experience.

How did you spend your week when you were on the show?

A week with no weekends! We had a very short time to prepare for every new character. Each character was challenging in many aspects, the looks, the movements, the voice and the appearance. From Sundays through Tuesdays I study every single aspect of the character. From Wednesdays through Saturdays, I work with the production staff in the studio; selecting outfits, doing dance training and running rehearsals. The longest day was Saturday till the end of the live show. I have also managed to continue my voice training classes with my private tutor once or twice a week at least, and I tried to leave some time for swimming to relax.

Whats the most enjoyable thing about being in Your Face Sounds Familiar?

The varying characters and performances I had to show and the tricks that I learned to express myself through each of them. The excitement I have every week for the next character was a drive on its own to continue the show. Also, communicating with my followers on facebook and twitter after every show was very enjoyable.

From Najwa Karam to Dalida, Shakira, Marylin Monroe Who was your favourite star to imitate? And which was the most difficult to play?

Dalida is always my favorite to play in a movie, drama or on stage. But through the show I also liked Shakira and Patricia Kass. The most difficult was Najwa Karam, it was my first imitation of her.

Which star that you havent played already, would you like to play?

Actually, I like to go further and show pop groups like the Abba. This demands more skills to synchronize in-group performance.

Who do you think was your toughest competitor?

I didnt participate in the show to compete with others, although that was the rule of the game. But I had my own game; each character I performed was competing with the others. And Cher was the toughest of all.


You act, you sing and you can dance, tell us something you cant do?

I cant create a nice painting!

How do you keep balance between work and your personal life since you're so busy?

I can manage.

During the show youve gone from blonde to brunette, which color do you prefer?

I stick with mine!

How do you get ready for the summer season?

Usually, I travel. This is year I dont think I will be able to travel due to extended work commitments.

If you could travel back in time to meet any famous person, who would you choose?

Mahatma Gandhi.

What are your upcoming projects?

I am shooting a complex social drama series in Damascus called Shahr Zaman. In addition, I am going into huddles to join a couple of series between Damascus and Beirut. Also, I am preparing a new song and hopefully I will be able to release it by the end of 2014.


What will you see this Ramadan?

As an actress, I like to take a panoramic view on most if not all productions during Ramadan. I choose what attracts me most and watch it after the season.

What is your favourite Ramadan delight?

Damascene sweets

How do you like to spend your Ramadan?

Unfortunately, I am committed to work during Ramadan.