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March ‘14
Daniella Rahme, Dancing with the Stars champion, certainly has that merit, storming through Lebanon and the Middle East with her spellbinding smile and her smooth fluid moves. Daniella is the kind of multi-hyphenate star who might stir envy if she wasnt so spontaneously down to earth. Here, she reveals some behind-the-scenes secrets of DWTS, her upcoming projects and personal agenda.
I enjoy dancing in a club with friends
Daniella Rahme

Tell us more about your experience with Dancing With The Stars?

Nothing in my life could ever compare to it. It was fun, no doubt. It taught me so much not just on a physical level through dance, more so on an emotional level. Dancing with the Stars appealed to audience interaction through the voting aspect I was overwhelmed week after week by the support I received from viewers and the love they showed me.

How much convincing did it take for you to do this show?

About 10 seconds! Im an impulsive person normally, though for this I needed no convincing. I just wanted to be part of this amazing production.

Have you been a fan of the American/French version? Who was your favourite dancer?

I havent seen neither of the American or French seasons I did watch the Australian version for a few years my favourite although she didnt win was Miss Universe Australia Jesinta Campbell.

Did you have dancing experience prior to Dancing with the Stars?

I have two left feet. I love music, I enjoy dancing in a club with friends thats about it. I shocked myself. Even my family and friends were shocked.

How was it dancing with Raed?

Raed is the modern day gentleman. Its like he is from another era when chivalry existed. He is a brilliant dancer and a brilliant human being.

Tell us about a funny/crazy/bad incident from behind the scenes.

Well, because Raed is so strict and disciplined, there wasnt much time for things to get crazy or fun he was however shocked at how much I eat! I was always sending him out to get food on one night I sent him to buy us dinner three times.

On a show like Dancing with the Stars, where the fans decide everything in the end, what do you think it takes for a celebrity to go far?

One must always be themselves. When it comes to a program that is typically reality TV the most important thing is to be real. If the audience responds then thats all that matters. My parents taught me to always be myself and I live by that mantra.

Have you ever been star-struck by on the show? (Whether its a competitor or one of the singing/judging/audience guests...)

Darren Bennet. He is an international award winning professional dancer and I was so nervous when I first met him.

Did you make song suggestions?

Lana Del Rey Will you still love me.

How was the mood like backstage? Was everybody friendly, or is it cutthroat?

Its a competitive show its normal to feel hostility. No one made it obvious that they wanted to win and it was fun all the time, though Im sure deep down everyone would have loved to take home the trophy.

At what point did you feel you could be the winner?

Truthfully, I never ever thought I would win!!!!

What is your favourite dance style, and is there any dance genre that particularly worries you?

Favourite is Ballroom Im a real romantic at heart. The most worrying was Latin. That takes skill and dedication.

After winning Dancing With The Stars, what are your future plans? Do you want to get into television and/or cinema?

Im producing a new program, a lifestyle one. I have to finish university too. Id love to act on the big screen as well.

What are you up to now and whats coming up for you in 2014?

Now Im resting, catching up with family and friends. 2014 will be my busiest year to dateso stay tuned.

Who do you think was your toughest competitor?

Maya Nehme she was the most talented dancer on the show. It all came so natural to her.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Ryan Gossling.

Whos your favourite singer? Why?

PSY!!! Simply because Gangnam Style is so catchy and it makes me look so crazy when Im dancing to it.

By Roulla Soussou