Insight Magazine
November ‘14
There is something about her that captures the heart the moment the eyes see her. Maybe its her infinite beauty, breath-taking elegance or exquisite persona. Or maybe its the mixture of artistic talents that pour into the world of beauty and glam being known as Dana Hamdan.
Beauty comes from the heart and soul, those who posses this quality are the most beautiful.
Dana Hamdan

You are an actress, fashion designer and beauty expert, which field is the closest to your heart and why?

Since I was a little girl Ive been fascinated by the fashion and beauty field. Despite earning a degree in management and human recourses from the AUC, I didnt work in that field but chose to pursue my old dream and travelled to Italy to study fashion design.

How was your breakthrough in the fashion field?

As I told you, I travelled to study fashion in Milano and specialized in fashion styling. At that time, I was so happy for achieving something unique in my life. After I earned my degree, I returned immediately to the UAE and started preparing for my programme Zafa, with Dubai TV channel and together we translated my dream into a beautiful reality. After that I was chosen to be the consultant for Makeup Forever's Artistic Show at Abu Dhabi Film Festival and the same year, I was chosen to be an ambassador for Ponds.

What about your experience as a jury member in House of Lux?

I am more than happy with this experience; because I got the chance to discover some real talents in the fashion-design field, and I am dedicated to support them till they achieve their dreams.

How does Dana see Beauty?

Beauty comes from the heart and soul, those who posses this quality are the most beautiful.

What about cosmetic surgeries?

I am against cosmetic surgeries because no one on earth can surpass the work of God.

Whats your advice for any woman who dosnt know how to stand out?

She needs to learn how to take care of herself, how to walk, talk and dress. She must be poised, not just dress stylishly, but act with elegance and grace.

Sisters Soup presented you, Mais and Mai in a different way, what did you gain from this experience?

It was such a lovely experience that I enjoyed so much. The best thing about Sisters Soup is that I got the opportunity to work with Mai and Mais.

Do you have any upcoming mutual projects?

Yes we are preparing something huge, it will be a surprise.

What attracted you to Alaraf series?

I received a lot of offers to star in TV series in Egypt before Alaraf but I was not attracted to any of them. I didnt feel that theyll present me to the Egyptian audience properly, and thats what I found in Alaraf. Besides acting with a legend like Adel Imam is a life opportunity no one can easily refuse.

Who do you wish to act with?

A lot! Yehya Alfakharany, Nour Alshareif, Elham Shahin, Laila Elwy, working with any of these legends will provide me with a lot of experience.

How do you spend your day if youre not working?

I spend my free time shopping. I also like to paint and cook.

By Hisham Amen