Insight Magazine
July ‘15
We got the chance to sit down with one of our favorite cover girls, Dana Hamdan as she happily explains all about her first experience in Egyptian cinema, building distinctive characters, performing intense, emotion-fuelled scenes, doing bold roles, her coming projects, as well as her take on the Egyptian art scene
I have no problem presenting any bold roles as long as they are not explicit or inappropriate
Dana Hamdan

Tell us more about your new project Shatarang (Chess).

I am so happy to be part of this project and to work with such a wonderful team and such a talented director with a unique vision like Mohamed Hamdy. I really hope people like it because we all worked hard and paid a lot of efforts in this project.

What attracted you to this drama?

What attracted me the storys strong dramatic twist, in addition to the directors unique vision that attracts audience from the very first episode. Not to mention the huge number of celebrities participating in it and the variety of characters theyre playing.

How did you find work with your sister Mais?

Mais is more than amazing, shes very funny and cooperative and helped me a lot with my role. We have a huge chemistry and she helped me a lot to highlight my best performance. Her role in Chess is unique and totally different and I believe it will be a turning point in her acting career.

What about your role in Sayakom Mashkour (Thank You for Condolences)?

I accepted my role in this movie for a lot of factors, from the participating stars to working with a huge director like Adel Adeeb to the movies comic nature, which is a genre Ive never done before. Above all my character is totally different for me, Ive never done anything like it before.

How did you find the feedback for your role in Haz West Elbalad (Downtown Shakes).

Despite the fact that I was playing a small role, I agreed to do it immediately as it turns the events upside down. This role marked a strong push for me in cinema. The movie was a huge hit and I received a lot of positive feedbacks for my role from family, fans and friends.

Werent you afraid to perform the role of a belly dancer?

So much especially that shes such a complicated character that required a huge effort from my side. But once I met Elham Shahin and discussed the wide lines of the character with her I became more eager to perform this character.

What type of roles do you still aim to play?

Nothing in specific I long to do variable characters from drama to comedy and romance, this is how Ill prove myself as a talented actress. Only a lucky actor can choose a variety of different genres from what hes offered. At the end its all about what I add to the character I am playing and vice versa.

How do you evaluate your programs Zafa and Sisters Soup?

I am totally happy with these experiences; I didnt imagine that Ill enjoy both of them that much.

What did they add to you as an actress?

TV hosting and acting are totally different. As a hostess I am still Dana in front of the camera, but as an actress I turn into someone else, a different character with a different composition living in a different world. I need to prepare how Ill perform this character in front of the camera and build a distinctive character.

What type of programs do you like to present?

Talk shows and fashion programs. If I am offered a program in any of these genres Ill accept it immediately and will try to coordinate between it and my other projects.

What are your redlines in art?

Art doesnt have any boundaries or redlines. I have no problem presenting any bold roles as long as they are not explicit or inappropriate.

By Shaymaa Elhwity