Insight Magazine
February ‘15
Amel Bouchoucha is a glowing formula of beauty, grace, talent and intelligence combined together in the form of a femme extraordinaire! The Algerian butterfly has proved that she can do it all, with a strong voice, an exquisite acting force and a lively spirit in front of the camera, we cant help but wonder if there is anything she cant master like a pro!
The one thing that really frightens me when it comes to performing a new character is repetition
Amel Bouchoucha

What about Cinema?

Ive been offered a role in an Egyptian movie; I am still reading the script.

We also heard rumors that you were offered a role in the second season of Saraya Abdeen (Abdeens Palace).

You see, when a production company starts preparing for a new project they suggest a lot of names to become among its crew. I heard the same rumors that I have been nominated to participate in the second season of Abdeens Palace, but till this moment no one talked to me about this project or offered me a role in it. At the end it depends on the role I am offered. When I work on a new project, I dont care about the quantity but the nature of my role.

What are your coming projects for next Ramadan?

Ive been offered a lot of projects after The Brothers, but I dont need to rush things as my responsibility as an actress is bigger than before.

With your huge success in drama, can we say that acting stole you from singing?

After Star Academy I received a lot of offers to act and I became more aware of my acting talent that started to grow with every new role I presented. My success in drama encouraged me to pursue my career as an actress. Nowadays drama is ruling the Middle East more than singing, especially with all the talents that are presented in talent-programs who need a lot of work to reach more advanced levels and become professional singers.

Any upcoming singing projects?

No currently I am only concentrating on drama and preparing my projects for next Ramadan. I did some important roles that made people view me as a talented actress and that makes me really happy. Yet it doesnt conceal the fact that if I am offered a good singing project Ill do it immediately, as long as I am totally convinced with it!

What attracted you to your latest hit Al Ekhwa (The Brothers)?

For me, it was a new experience. Being a soap opera that elongates to more than 100 episodes and stars a lot of superstars from Syria, Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon and other countries, it was something I didnt do before, in addition to Miras rich character which is the main factor that encouraged me to participate in it!

How did you prepare for such a complicated character like Mira?

I fell in love with Mira the moment I read the script; I planned the details and started to search for tools to enrich the character. My main focus was to perform her differently than my previous characters. The one thing that really frightens me when it comes to performing a new character is repetition. For me, Miras character was a real challenge and I am glad that I was able to deliver her to people from a unique angel and make them love her.

What about your participation with Amr Diab in his new series Alshohra (Fame)?

I was offered to participate in Fame a long time ago, but I had to refuse because I was committed to other projects. Then the production company contacted me again last year year and sent me the script, but the project stopped again!

And if they resumed the project, are you still willing to participate?

Well I didnt read the entire script, so I still dont know a lot of details about my character, but if I found the character rich and will add to my resume as an actress I would definitely do it!

What about Al Aswad Yaleek Bek (The Black Color Suits You)?

I guess it wont be displayed this Ramadan, maybe itll be aired after Rmadan as the project is still in the process of preparations.

Was hosting a phase in your life, or would you consider repeating the experience again?

Today artists are not bound to do one thing. I started my career as a TV hostess and now a lot of artists host a variety of programs. I dont exclude anything; I only do whats beneficial to my career.

What did your experience in Star Academy add to you?

Star Academy opened to me the doors to success. I learned a lot, gained exposure and discovered myself as a singer and actress. My entire life changed; it was a turning point in my career.

How do you describe your personal style?

Sporty Chic.

How do you keep your skin so glowing?

I do a lot of treatments, skin peelings and try to stay away from the sun.

Whats your secret to staying in shape?

I used to be a sports junkie, now I am a little lazy because of my busy schedule.

What are your travel essentials?

My toothbrush and toothpaste.

Whats the best advice youve been given?

To always be myself.

When you are not working how do you spend your free time?

I sleep a lot and dine or watch a movie with my friends, as simple as that.

If you can go back in time, when would you choose to live and why?

I picture myself as a princess from the middle ages! It really interests me to know how people used to live without any phones, or internet connection and take days and maybe months to move from one place to the other, unlike now!

How do you deal with rumors?

I laugh! When you reply to rumors you give haters the chance to hurt you more!

By Rania Ihab