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October ‘14
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October ‘14
I Woke Up Like This!
Because we dont have Kate Middletons perfect locks, sacrificing sleep for a good hair is the fairest trade of all. Just weave these quick and easy styles before you go to bed and surprise everyone the next day, after all you did wake up like this!

Bouncy Blow-Dry

Nothing is harder than keeping your bouncy blow-drys perfect finish, lets face it the minute you hit the pillow its game over for your hair. Luckily there is always a solution! Grab a silky scarf - fancy - and wrap it around your head, tying it over your forehead, not on top of any hair. This protects those glossy locks from feeling the wrath of your tossing and turning, holding the style and keeping them smooth and completely static-free.

Perfect Curls

Those who have naturally curly hair know how it feels like when the back falls flat! Dont worry its not a deal breaker! Bend over and gather your hair at the very top of your head (like a ponytail), securing it with a soft scrunchie you can loosely slip over the hair. Now slowly stand up, still holding your hair, and split the pony into two parts, so you have a section coming down on either side of your head. You can leave it like this or top with a sleep cap for bonus beauty points, but the end results means your second day curls arent crushed and flat at the back. Brilliant.

Beachy Braid

Plaited pigtails for beachy hair is hardly breaking news, but to really pack in tousled curves; you need to up your game. First spritz hair with a salt spray then braid your hair in not just two, but six unruly plaits. Now let your tresses do their thing while you catch a little zzzzz, then just release and shake up with fingers for a full-on Gisele effect.

The Massive Movement

The longer the hair is, the more boring running a curling iron can be. It all comes down to a simple French braid weaved all throughout your hair, and when you take it out in the morning youre left with loads of textured, random curls. Scrunch through a small amount of mousse to last all day.

The Glossy Look

Coat your hair - and we mean really slather - in a layer of coconut oil, working it through from root to tip and tying up into a bun. Your pillows may not thank you for this next part, as this is where you go to sleep, but it means you can a) skip a hair mask in the morning and b) enjoy soft locks with little effort.