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October ‘16
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October ‘16
Ridiculously Adorable Animals in Halloween Costumes

October is the glorious month of the spooks and the time to finally dress your favourite being in the world in inanely cute costumes. If you’ve been wondering whether to hop on the pet-costume wagon, these just might compel you. Here are must-make outfits for your fur babies.


Taco Pup 

I think it’s safe to say that the best part of making any sort of costume for your pup is watching them confused as to why you cannot stop chuckling every time your eyes meet. Why are you suddenly taking so many pictures of me, mummy? 


Halloween isn’t just for humans and their conventional pets. People always leave horses out because it’s almost impossible to find a DIY costume tutorial for a horse. Fear not! For you need nothing but hair chalk and a bit of patience to sketch this gorgeous pattern. 

Pom Pom Pup 

If you’re thinking “what could possibly be cuter than a dog tilting its head?” The answer is a dog tilting its head in a cheer leader costume. All you need to do is rip the arms off one of your childhood dolls and sew them to a baby sized cheer leader outfit and voila! 

Thug Cat 

There’s nothing else that would possibly be more becoming of a cat’s attitude. Feline life, is after all, equivalent to thug life. Provided that your cat even has the patience to allow you to dress it in a shirt and cat trousers, and you must never forget the bling!

Furry Freddie 

It’s so unfair how rodents are the last pets on anyone’s mind to dress up. It might be because of their minuscule sizes, but that only makes their outfits more affordable. You can use cheese slices as knives to watch your baby brutally nibbling on its weapon. 

Cat Cub 

Not only is this mane easy to find on websites like Amazon, but they’re also a great way to freak your neighbours out if you keep an outdoor cat. Nothing says Halloween like giving passersby a mini heart attack on witnessing a possible lion cub casually napping on a tree.