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April ‘16
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April ‘16
Could Sports Be Dangerous?!
Health Tips


Mariam Moussa

Personal & Professional Co-Active Coach

Member of International Coaching Institute (ICI)


When would you say that something is dangerous? When something is at the verge of being lost, damaged or depleted?

Let’s have a look at sports. It surely doesn’t seem to be threatening your life in any way but it is actually advised by many doctors to play sports as part of the cure or as a preventive method to many diseases!

But Yes! Sports are actually dangerous for you! How?! So the process of playing sports begins by you starting to think one of the following: I want to lose weight, I want to look fit or I want to feel healthy. You then start exploring the different sports or just choose a certain sport and go for it.  You practise, practise, practise and maybe even enter some tournaments or championships, of which you win some and lose others. You may attain the results you desired at the beginning and probably that might or might not encourage you to do more sports until you feel enough! When is enough? That all depends on your choice!

The process isn’t that direct or smooth of course, but that’s the overall trend.

Up until now, nothing seems dangerous but rather inspiring to urge you to play sports. Here’s the DANGER: Sports THREATENS your fats, diseases, laziness, your laying back, your demotivation, your stagnancy in your place, your unchanging, your unwillingness, your comfort zone, your negative thoughts, your doubts about your abilities, your weaknesses, your obstacles and WHO YOU ARE TODAY! ALL OF THAT WILL BE THREATENED, DEMOLISHED, TRAINED AND SUBSTITUTED!

ARE YOU WILLING TO LOSE ALL OF THAT?! Just to play sports and become stronger, fitter, healthier, and A BETTER YOU TOMORROW?!

If you said NO, then congratulations! Sports will not be dangerous for you; but if you said YES, well a BIGGER CONGRATULATIONS to you! You have just decided to become the better person you have longed to become!

So luckily sports does that to your health; wouldn’t it be great to have something do that to your whole life and not just your health?!

COACHING! Yes, coaching can and will threaten parts of you to get you WHERE YOU WANT TO BE and WHO YOU WANT TO BECOME!

Coaching is a process that will challenge your thoughts, perspectives, emotions, your comfort zone, habits and what you tell yourself as motivation to become the most magnificent version of yourself. Taking charge of your life and consciously choosing the journey you want to travel and how you want to get there.

The route or journey you take in coaching will differ from anyone else’s as what suits you would differ from what suits others but the impact or the results of coaching remain the same. You will feel lost at times, struggling at other times and demotivated sometimes but that won’t last long! With every session in the coaching process you either become more aware of yourself, your values, your habits and trends, and the story you tell yourself about yourself or you may acquire new perspectives! You’re always faced with the truth but in an empowering and safe environment that enables you to use any energy, pressure or lesson as a fuel to move forwards and become transformed into your fullest potential. I’m sure you all came across the famous metaphor that illustrates transformation at its best; where the caterpillar transforms into the butterfly! Well, the coaching process enables you to go through that transformation in the most empowered and beautiful way!